Can You Use Rekordbox Tidal Offline?

By Sienna Williams

Updated on October 25, 2021

Can you use Tidal with Rekordbox? Rekordbox is a DJ app created by Pioneer DJ. This app is a professional DJ platform connected to the cloud, which enables users to manage music across multiple devices.

Rekordbox integrates several streaming music services, such as Beatport LINK, SoundCloud, and Tidal. The Rekordbox Tidal integration allows its subscribers to access the entire HIFI music library via the Rekordbox app. Then directly extract the tunes you need from it.

Well, the rest of the doubts is how to use Tidal with Rekordbox? In the following sections, you can find 2 different ways. One for how to use Rekordbox Tidal offline and the other for how to link Tidal to Rekordbox online. Please read and pick the one you prefer.

use rekordbox tidal offline

Part 1. How to Use Rekordbox Tidal Offline

While Rekordbox Tidal offline feature is not available, it is possible to import Tidal music files from the local computer. To get local Tidal music files, it is inevitable to use a Tidal music converter or downloader.

Here, AudKeep Tidal Music Converter is a great option for you. This professional program is designed to convert HIFI songs and playlists from Tidal HIFI to FLAC, WAV, MP3, M4A, AAC, and M4B. After the format conversion, the Tidal HIFI audios are downloaded into the local folder on a Mac or Windows computer. Then they are addible to Rekordbox for offline DJing.

AudKeep Tidal Music Converter

  • Convert Tidal music formats for Rekordbox
  • Download Tidal HIFI tracks with lossless quality
  • Offline use Tidal songs with Rekordbox
  • Run at 5X faster speed during the conversion

AudKeep offers free version for use. You can try it before purchase the full version. Here are the complete conversion steps of the full version. You follow it to obtain Rekordbox Tidal offline.

Step 1 Change the output parameters to be compatible with Rekordbox

reset tidal output format for rekordbox

Open AudKeep and go to the “Menu” on the top-right toolbar. Choose the “Preferences” > “Advanced” tab. Then you can edit the output audio parameters to be compatible with Rekordbox. Confirm the changes by hitting “OK“.

Tip: Most Rekordbox versions support MP3, WAV, and AAC.

Step 2 Import tracks from Tidal playlists to AudKeep

add tidal songs into audkeep

Back to AudKeep’s main page, the interface of the Tidal web player. Search for the tracks, albums, or playlists that you’d like to play offline in Rekordbox. After opening a playlist or album, tap on the blue “+” button from the lower-right corner. Next, select the specific tracks you need or select all.

Step 3 Download Tidal tracks for Rekordbox

convert tidal music for rekordbox

Click the “Convert” option to activate the converting process. The default speed is 5X rate but the real speed could be based on the Internet condition. You can keep adding tracks by repeating step 2. Once finished, you can click the “Converted” from the 3 side-by-side icons. Then locate the converted Tidal music files by following the output path.

Step 4 How to add Tidal to Rekordbox

You can now import Tidal songs to Rekordbox from the local folder for offline use.

  • Select the converted Tidal music files in the destination folder on the computer.
  • Open Rekordbox DJ software. Make sure the “Favorites” icon is highlighted on the left side of the playlist.
  • Drag the local Tidal audio files to the track window on the bottom of the Rekordbox.
  • Rekordbox will analyze the imported music files. When the analysis is complete, you can start to edit Tidal songs with Rekordbox.

Part 2. How to Link Tidal to Rekordbox Online

It is easy to use Tidal with Rekordbox online. The only requirement is a valid Tidal Premium subscription or Tidal HiFi subscription.

Step 1. Start the Rekordbox DJ app. There are several drop-down buttons in the left column. Choose Tidal from it and log into your Tidal account.  The connection between Tidal and RekordBox is automatic. 

Step 2. After you logged in, you can directly browse My Collections in your Tidal library, which contains playlists, albums, and tracks. But you can’t control them in Rekordbox. For example, you can’t add or delete tracks from the playlist.

Step 3. You can also access the genre and mood playlists created by Tidal. Then check the powerful music catalog from the Tidal platform by searching through. Finally, choose the song you need and mix it with other music files stored in your Rekordbox library. There are two format options of Tidal tracks for playback: AAC or FLAC format.

Part 3. Final Words

This article introduces 2 easy ways to use Tidal with Rekordbox DJ. The recommended one uses AudKeep Tidal Music Downloader to break the Tidal restrictions and helps you use Tidal Rekordbox offline. The other one lets you connect Tidal to Rekordbox for use online.

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