Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have collected and listed all commonly asked questions you may meet when ordering, registering, and using AudKeep products. No matter for pre-sales, after-sales, payment, or license, registration, and technical issue, you can find complete solutions timely on FAQs center. If not, please get in touch with us via [email protected] to get human service.

Part 1. Order FAQs

1. Is it safe to place an order on your site?

Sure. All your private information, such as personal and financial info will be 100% protected by our encrypted check-out system when you browse the site and place an order.

2. Can I try your software before purchase?

Yes. We offer free trial versions of all AudKeep products so that you can test them to see if it meets your needs before you purchase it.

3. What are the limitations of the free version?

There are no functional limitations between the trial and full versions. The only limitation of the free version is the incomplete conversion length of each file.

4. What payment method can I use?

The third-party payment system, Paddle is our e-commerce service partner. It fully supports any popular payment method such as PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, etc.

5. How to know whether my order is successful?

After successfully processing your order, you will receive 2 emails in your Inbox within 1 hour or so. One is an order confirmation email, the other contains registration info from the Paddle platform. Please don’t forget to check the Spam folder also.

6. What should I do if I bought the wrong product?

There are 2 ways to fix your issue soon. One is to contact our support team to switch your license to the correct product by providing your order information. The other is simply to buy the correct product and then contact us for a refund of your incorrect order.

7. When can I issue a refund for my purchases?

Different types of licenses of our AudKeep products come with different refund policies. If only you are under acceptable circumstances, you can enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please read the Refund Policy to get more details.

8. Do you provide a physical CD or online download of applications?

All AudKeep products are available for download online to keep the software constantly being updated. It is strongly recommended that you download a digital copy of the software directly from our website.

9. Can I get a free license for AudKeep software?

Absolutely yes. We encourage any blogger, webmaster, or editor to advertise and promote AudKeep Software. Join our Free License campaign, and then you can win a free lifetime license for our product.

10. How to cancel your AudKeep subscription?

Open your AudKeep order confirmation email firstly. Tap the ‘please review your subscription‘ words in your email to manage your AudKeep subscription. Then, you can click the ‘Cancel Subscription‘ button to cancel your AudKeep subscription. Alternatively, you can directly contact our support team or Paddle support team to cancel your subscription with ease.

Part 2. Technical FAQs

1. Why the built-in ‘Check for Updates’ is not available?

It could be caused by our server errors so that you may receive error messages when trying to update software. Under this circumstance, please go directly to our Download Center to download the latest installation file for the program.

2. Is AudKeep Software compatible with Android and iOS?

Currently, the AudKeep program only supports Mac and Windows operating systems. There are no mobile apps yet. As a result, you can download music on your computer, and then transfer them to mobile devices.

Part 3. Registration FAQs

1. Where can I find the licensed code after purchasing it?

You will receive the registration code in the email address that you used to place your order in about 1 hour or so. Please check your Inbox and the Spam folder to find it. If not, please contact our customer service to get the licensed info ASAP.

2. How to register AudKeep Software?

For Windows users, click the menu bar in the upper right corner to select the Register option. In the pop-up window, please fill in your registration info to activate the trial version as the full version.
For Mac users, click the software name from the top-left Apple menu bar to choose the Register section. And then you can use your license email and code to register it.

3. What should I do when ‘the registration code is invalid’?

If you encounter such an error message, you may have entered the wrong license information. Please check again whether you have entered the correct registration name and code. If you continue to receive error messages, please contact our Support team with a screenshot for further assistance.

4. Can I switch my license for Mac to Windows version or vice versa?

You can switch the license between the different operating systems for free within 7 days after you purchased it. Otherwise, please purchase another version for different platforms as Mac and Windows OS are standalone systems.

5. Can I use AudKeep Software with the same license on a new computer?

If you purchase the Family License plan, you can do that at up to five computers. If you are using a Single License plan, you have to upgrade it to use our software on a new computer.