Top 10 Best Tidal MQA Streamer of 2022

By Sienna Williams

Updated on April 15, 2022

Music lovers are always on the hunt for great audios, and of course, they would like to have the best music streamer that would give them that high-quality experience they are seeking. In order to make every listening session enjoyable, the music streamer has to be the center of your Hi-Fi world.

The Tidal MQA streamer you are looking for must have the ability to play audios that are stored on other platforms such as the Internet, online streaming services like Tidal, or any external hard drives. Now in the market, you can find numerous streaming options compatible with a good Tidal streamer. You can surely get confused about which streaming device would be perfect for fitting all your music streaming needs.

Moreover, each Tidal network streamer has its own set of features, so you must find which streamer is compatible to suit your preferences. If you want to find the best streamer for your Tidal music lists, read on to know the top 10 streamers that are phenomenal for Tidal MQA and find their best features.

tidal mqa streamer

Part 1. Top 10 Best Tidal MQA Streamers

Find the top most Tidal streamer devices in the below list.

1. Cambridge Audio CXN (V2)

Are you looking for the topmost Tidal MQA streamer? Then Cambridge Audio would be your best choice. This device is very sleek and comes with a stylish design. Not just with its aesthetics, but with its sound quality, you can taste its amazingness. Moreover, this device is not just compatible with Tidal MQA network streamer but also works well for Spotify and Apple Music.

Apart from that, this device also makes it effortless while setting up because of its user-friendly interface. On top of that, Cambridge Audio CXN offers its own built-in Chromecast feature, which makes the device even more spectacular and extremely versatile.

cambridge audio cxn v2

2. Cambridge Audio Edge NQ

Edge NQ is another edition of the Cambridge Audio device, which can be described as the best streamer for Tidal MQA streamers. This device also has an attractive design that is very much modern without any exaggeration and stream audio in high quality. Just like CXN, apart from Tidal, this device can be very much compatible with Spotify, Deezer, and other music streaming applications. Listeners can experience high-quality streaming, as this device supports almost all major audio formats. The only flaw you can find would be a loose volume dial that you can easily discard if your purpose is to listen to only high-resolution music.

There are many other Cambridge Audio devices that support Tidal MQA streaming, such as Evo 150, Evo 75, CXNv2, CXR120/200, 851N, Stream Magic 6 v2, etc.

cambridge  audio edge nq

3. Aurender A10

Aurender is also regarded as one of the best Tidal MQA streamer devices. However, this device can get a bit too expensive in comparison to others in the market. This device is integrated with an MQA decoder that allows listeners to stream music and podcasts of Tidal seamlessly.

The most impressive part of Aurender A10 is that it comes with the biggest storage facility available for any audio streaming device. Its storage capacity is 4TB, so users can easily store a massive amount of songs in the library and stream them whenever they want.

aurender a10

4. Linn Selekt DSM

In case you are looking for a music streaming device that can support almost all music streaming apps and can offer seamless connectivity features with TV and other devices, then Linn Selekt DSM can be your best streamer for Tidal. This device comes with an HDMI option, which allows the operators to connect this device with the TV. In addition to that, this model also has slots for USB connections, so users can easily stream the locally saved songs.  

linn selekt dsm

5. Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is another booming name for being one of the best Tidal streamers. This device also offers high-quality sound output like the above ones, but this one would be the perfect choice for using headphones, unlike others. The design of This device is very eye-catching, with a witty twist to promote its logo.

Additionally, this device is also connected with a decoder, so operators can stream Tidal music at any sample rate. Its manufacturer also offers an Apple remote to easily control the device. Although the device offers many impressive features, it might be a bit complicated for the user to set up the device as per their preferences. Moreover, the antenna it comes with can look a bit unappealing to the users.  

mytek brooklyn bridge

6. Naim ND 555/555 PS DR

Naim ND is another Tidal MQA streamer that comes with a sound quality that can get very exceptional. Almost all kinds of major and commonly used music formats can be compatible with this device. Although the device can be expensive, it would be very worthy in the long run. Apart from Tidal, it also supports other music streaming platforms. Moreover, this device also has a Chromecast feature that can further make Tidal HiFi streamer spectacular.

naim nd 555 555 ps dr

7. Sonos Amp

If you want to stream Tidal MQA music in high audio quality formats, then Sonos Amp can be your best choice as a Raspberry Pi Tidal streamer. This device uses about 125 watts of power to give seamless outputs. Moreover, Sonos Amp includes no internal storage system but its sleek design and excellent functionality make it one of the budget-friendly Tidal streamer.

sonos amp

8. NAD C 658

Unlike other music streaming devices, NAD C 658 is an all-in-one music streamer that supports a wide range of music streaming platforms. This device can be easily integrated with Tidal and supports music streaming at high bit rates.

nad c 658

9. Denon

Denon HEOs can be one of the best wireless music systems for streaming Tidal MQA music. It offers unique features to control all the music easily no matter where you are in the home. Just connect your Tidal account, get an app, and turn on one or more speakers and music in all kinds of audio quality.

denon heos

10. Hi-Fi ROSE

Hi-Fi ROSE is the device that would allow you to stream MQA with Tidal and the best MQA streamer for Roon Tidal. This device has wide touch screen features to play music. This streamer also has apps that are compatible with iOS, PC, and Android devices. There are many other good Tidal’s MQA streaming platforms available that support this streaming performance such as Cary Audio, Meridian, Bel Canto, Auralic, Lumin, Serato, Devialet, Audirvana plus, Astell & Kern, etc.

hifi rose

Part 2. How to Play Tidal Music on All Music Streamers

Tidal Music platform is actually encrypted, which makes it difficult for third-party streamers. However, you can use tools such as AudKeep Tidal Music Converter to download the Tidal music without compromising the audio quality. This dedicated streamer with MQA for Tidal can help users download Tidal playlists, songs, and albums on any streaming device with lossless quality.

Its special feature is about converting Tidal playlists to FLAC, Lossless, WAV, MP3, M4A, AAC, and other plain audio formats even at 5X faster speed. Furthermore, AudKeep can automatically organize the music library according to various categories and also offer a personalization option. Here is how you can use this software to download Tidal music.

audkeep tidal music converter

Key Features of AudKeep Tidal Music Converter

  • Enable Tidal music to be played on Tidal MQA streamers
  • Keep lossless quality music to get a perfect listening experience
  • Personalize output settings like sample rate and bit rate
  • Convert Tidal playlist to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.

Step 1 Download AudKeep Tidal Music Converter

open audkeep tidal music converter

First, you have to download and install the AudKeep Tidal Music Converter on your device and launch it.

Step 2 Customize output settings for HiFi streamer

set tidal playlists formats for hifi streamers

Now you can go to the playlists AudKeep made for you and select the files you want to convert. Then in the Convert, you can make adjustments and customize the output settings like bit rate, format, and conversion speed, etc.

Step 3 Bring Tidal music files to AudKeep

add tidal playlist to audkeep converter

On the app’s interface, add the music files by copying the track’s URL from Tidal and pasting it in the AudKeep search bar. Then click on “+”.

Step 4 Convert the Tidal music for HiFi streamer

save tidal music for hifi streamer

Now click on the “Convert” button to start converting. After a few moments, your file would be saved in the local drive, which you can access anytime and use in a music streamer for Tidal.

Part 3. Conclusion

Now you have found all the best Tidal streamers to enjoy steaming Tidal music without any hassle. Hopefully, you can make use of AudKeep Tidal Music Converter to get unlimited access to Tidal music and stream your favorite music without getting any premium subscription.

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